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Leo Yaik 2018 September 200 Hrs (4)

“No man is an island”


I think I have a better version of that phrase. I would say “Every man is an island and we connect them with bridges”. These bridges need to be built to connect an island to another island. These bridges need to be maintained for the islands to stay connected. Just like every individual need to establish and maintain a relationship to be connected to another individual.


During one of the classes, we had the opportunity to have our photos taken. The photo taking started quite smoothly with us taking individual poses. Then it came to the part of taking a group shot.


Being the least flexible in class, I was worried because of the limited poses I can do. I was worried that I would let the group down. I was worried that the photo won’t turn out nice. I was wrong. My classmates are aware that everyone has their own limitations and how to play to each own strength. The efficiency and silent connection we had wasn’t something I expected. Within no time, we were in position.


The result was amazing! It was not just the photo but the entire process. There was absolutely no ego. Everyone was super encouraging. Some hold their poses longer for other to get into their pose. Some watched out for others to make sure they are doing alright. No single island can achieve what we achieved that day.


If I ever thought Yoga is a solitude experience, there will be so much I am missing out. We can only learn so much individually. Collectively, if we are willing to share, we can open up new horizons for each other and bring each other to new heights. So look around and see if there might be new bridges you can build. Look around and see if there might be bridges you need to maintain. You might find that an island need not be an island after all.


Leo Yaik @ahtut