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More than two hours ago, I was struggling to stay awake while memorizing Sanskrit for asanas test. Fast forward to 2 lovely a. m. right now, I am so awake and I don’t see myself falling asleep when my mind is actively thinking about what is next for me after 200ytt course ends this friday. I have so many ideas on how I can try to start an independent career out of this passion. I wrote down the prices I would charges, how to entice people to engage me, different kinds of occasions I want to teach in and so many more (you see, they are so awesome that’s why I can’t disclose my business plans yet hahaha!) I am so excited. For now.

If karma really exists like what many yogis believe in, I believe my destructive karma should be procrastination and lack of determination. Please let this fire to start something so meaningful burn long and slow (like the Indonesia forest fire).

Back to reality, I think I’m dead. I have not yet memorized the Sanskrit. I have not memorized some asanas poses. I have not yet gotten the certification. And why the heck am I here thinking ahead?!

Have mercy on me dear god. Let me feel energize with less than 4hours of sleep tonight and let me have super good memory today and tomorrow and the day after.

Lindy. student