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Life force


What we need to stay alive. What we breathe in each second to keep our body working..and our souls intact. Or is it??

Who would have thought that the way we breathe would play a big role in our emotions, physic and spiritual well being. Something we often over look and don’t pay attention to.

Have we ever paid attention to our own breathing? Have we ever stopped and listened to our own breath? Have we slowed down to be be aware of what organs are activated when we breathe?

Being in this YTT has opened up a whole new dimension of what breathing is for me. And how much a breathing would have the potential to change how I feel or react to something. I have learned how to be mindful of my own breath..to take the time to dig deeper into our own body and explore how each breathing technique leaves us with. And just by taking a few moments to detach ourselves from the outside world and be in tune and conscious of our inner existence, would be so profoundly life changing.