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Lisa: Fixing bad postures (Alignment)

I always knew I had to fix my bad posture; hyperextended knees, hunch back and text neck!
Especially my text neck, oopsy! It used to get in the way during my workout sessions and I never
understood why my neck would hurt so badly everytime I was working on exercises such as
crunches or leg lifts. Unfortunately, breaking a bad habit is difficult, so the bad posture stayed
with me for a long number of years. It might sound ridiculously silly but it was never easy for me
to tuck my chin to the back of my neck due to the discomfort. But Jessica, being very particular
about postures, never failed to correct my neck! She always looks out for all of her students very
closely! For me, she provided regressions for poses that require a lot of neck strength and
miraculously I might have grown a bit of neck muscles over the few weeks during YTT :O
We were taught to study about the different body types and how we could customise a yoga
sequence to improve individual’s posture. I like how she always focuses that every body is
different so we have to find out what is best for our own body type. As she taught us how to do
alignment for others, I got more aware of my bad postures and I would purposefully roll my
shoulders back, depress them away from my ears and push my chin to the back of my neck.
Over that few weeks, the discomfort from my neck was not as bad as before, magiccccc! And on
my fourth week through YTT course, I actually receive comments from people around me saying
that there is a change in my posture (now this is magic)!!

200 Hour YTT Nov’19