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Lisa: Overcoming The Fear Of Success (Inversions)

I have always had this BIG FEAR of going upside down. But the irony is, I have always wanted to
do an inversion (wahaha). Putting the benefits of inversions aside… I mean, how cool is it to stand
on your hands/head instead of your feet right????
Unlike the usual statements that I always hear whenever I try to attempt an inversion, “Engage
your core!’ or ‘Do not be afraid and just kick up!”, Jessica was different! She could point out the
exact problem(s) and provided solutions to work on first. She took it step by step. One of the
steps was to first be aware of my own body parts, I would then be able to learn to tuck in my ribs
and scoop in my tailbone. I am grateful that I got to experience the weightlessness with a lot of
very detailed tips from Jessica. This process strengthened me physically and mentally. Thank you
Jessica for your patience and eventually allowing me to finally experience how it is like to go
upside down!! My first headstand, pincha mayurasana and handstand all began at The Yoga

200 Hour YTT Nov’19