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Lisa: Teaching (Community Classes)

Surprisingly, this has got to be one of the most memorable events so far! I am confident to say
that it is one of the best things that happened in YTT. I like how the whole YTT course is so
organised! Every session was built to slowly lead us to teaching. Starting from teaching Sun
Salutation to our fellow batch friends, learning how to do alignment on different body types, and
then finally to teaching our friends in community classes.
As instructed, I had the sequence done, it sounded good and it looked like it would flow smoothly.
And then I had to remember the names of the poses, descriptions of poses, and then the steps to
align. Okay all should be good. But no! When I first tried the sequence on our YTT friends in class,
there were a lot more to look out for! Multi-tasking… saying the descriptions out to everyone in
class but at the same time whispering to the person I am aligning. And thinking of the next pose
that is coming up. HOWWW? But Jessica took it one step at a time! She guided us through every
steps and I am very thankful for that :”)
Thank you Jessica for guiding us throughout the whole 200 hours and for making The Yoga
Mandala a safe space for us to learn and grow! I had such a great time during my community
classes!!!!! Laughters overweighed the nervousness, it was a an amazing experience!!

200 Hour YTT Nov’19