Looking at the same things in different perspectives – 5/6 Claire

You know the feeling when you see the same things at different points in your life and feel differently about the total same thing?

Just like me reading a self-help book at the age of 18 and not feeling much about it but when i re-read the same book again at age 30 i could have so much insights from the book. Well, YTT course made me feel that way. When i was doing Surya Namaskar (which i only know it by sun salutation back then) in fitness centres, i only felt like i was going through the motion, just an exercise only. However, when i come to know each individual asanas in Surya Namaskar in YTT, when i execute out the asana, i felt there are much more thought processes going through my head, my intentions placed into my actions, more awareness in my body. And somehow, it made me feel more into each asana, more empowered with each asana i carry out with intentions. I cant really describe this. But i’d never felt emotional or touched when i do yoga. It’s only during the course i started to feel that way. I feel that there’s like a profound meaning and intention behind each and every asana, no matter how easy the asana may seem e.g. Tadasana (Mountain pose). And i feel humbled as i execute the asanas.

I would never look at or feel yoga in the same way again. I do feel wiser after having joined YTT, and looking at yoga in a different perspective now.


With metta,

Claire Tay