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Managing the Murphy’s Law (Shuping)

Always be prepared mentally and except the unexpected.

It’s the third week of YTT and we have covered the entire asana sequence. We have also started giving instructions for sun salutations and taking turns to say the poses in Sanskrit and doing counts for the rest of classmates.

I volunteered to say the poses for the entire sequence, and memorized the Sanskrit names by heart the night before. Imagine my confidence turned into horror when Jessica asked me to give instructions and adjustments for the first standing sequence. Definitely not prepared for this, and meltdown I went.

As screwed as I can get, but I must say it was a great learning lesson. Life’s not always a bed of roses and you probably can never be fully prepared. No matter what happens, always stay calm and be the best of yourself. Though I have to admit, there is definitely so much more for me to prepare other than memorizing the Sanskrit names.