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15th September 2018


Today is the first day of YTT, and it got me thinking about what is yoga to me?

I first went into yoga looking upon it as a form of exercise. It took me quite a while to see the transformation and what I got out of yoga. It opened me up to a whole world of self-development and inner emotional work. I grew to be a better person.

I arrived time and again on the mat. It taught me to let go of my expectations for myself and the people around me. I accepted myself for who I am and learnt to accept others for who they are.

It made me more aware of myself and how I perceive things. I am reminded that vulnerability is beautiful and that everyone is vulnerable one way or another. I learnt to ignore my ego and to be present in the moment.

It taught me self-kindness and self-love. I recalled a time when I missed a footing while walking down the stairs after a yoga class and ended up spraining my ankle. It was such a torture having to just rest and not do yoga just when I was seeing some progression in my physical asanas. I cried, but I came out of it learning to rest and to not be so hard on myself.

I got on to my mat whenever I feel upset or lost, knowing that it will make me feel better, allowing me to focus on nothing except for the asana throughout the class. It was my form of self-care.

There is so much more to yoga to pen it down in words.
Till this date, I am constantly learning. And the learning will never stop.

And with that, I know that when I do get my YTT certification one day, in spite of my inexperience, what I can share is my passion and how yoga can transform someone. And hopefully I will one day ignite the spark in someone’s practice.

Melissa @issa_lem