Meditation is my daily medication

It’s a bit more than one week to graduation from the course. Since the last week, we have learnt about alignments of the asanas and also created two more sequences targeted at our physical “shortcomings” and to soothe the lymphatic system. It is all coming together and armed with all the knowledge learnt so far, we are scheduled to start teaching next week!

Today I came across an article on meditation and it occurred to me that I’ve been practising pranayama consistently daily for the last four weeks! (Bar the weekends because, life. Oops, excuses :/) The time spent while we are practising pranayama is also a time for meditation. I have never meditated for such long periods before; the maximum was probably five days? Back to the article, the author stated that she found herself being more mindful in everyday situations since she started meditating. This triggered me to reflect on my own experiences. Did I get anything out from my daily morning meditation? Was I more mindful now than 4 weeks ago?

Yes and yes. For one, I learnt about the different breathing techniques which are available to us for different purposes. My favourites are Ujjayi and Nadi Shodana. For two, it is a time at the start of the day to quieten down and set an intention for the practice that day. More than once, I found my intention to be ‘just breathe and have fun’ when I had the fear that I would not be good in the asanas. For three, it is when I try to connect to my spiritual being. I try not to expect it but having experienced the ‘white light’ in savasana a few times, I wanted to experience it during meditation.

Going on to whether I am more mindful, I’m not entirely convinced yet. For some reason, I feel very scattered brain recently and this surely isn’t a trait of being mindful? But I do find myself to be less anxious about things. I know I’m enough and what will be, will be. I just need to be present and be all there.

It is going to be difficult to keep up with meditation after the course ends but I’m keen to keep it up!


Joanne (@jojo_namaste)