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29 August 2015

Meditation has never interested me. My ignorant assumption is that medication is boring because it is just sitting there doing nothing. It wasn’t until today, when I was taught the true technique of getting into meditation state of mind, would I have known that meditation is one of the most challenging aspects of yoga and it is a useful life skill if you can perform it.

Meditation is exactly being in the state of doing nothing. It is experienced not mentally but by consciousness, which cannot exactly be taught but through guidance from the experienced and one’s own experience.

In my opinion, the rule of thumb to meditation is to let go of your consciousness, turn away from your concentration and put aside the distractions slowly and not with an force. There is no intent of achieving and reaching a state at any stage of meditation. I would simply sum up meditation to be in a black hole situation.

I have not attained the meditation state of mind yet. But I would love to experience meditation some day as it enriches our soul and it comes along with a list of health benefits such as emotional balance, increased immunity, increased productivity, relives irritable bowel, lowers blood pressure, relieves irritable bowel and calmness.