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Mel: COVID-19

All was fine and dandy until the COVID-19 situation happened. Everything happened so fast
and before we knew it, everyone was working from home and everything snowballed from

Kudos to Jess and Alexis for making fast decisions and deciding to bring YTT online
instead. I have to say, I was skeptical at first and thought that taking YTT through video
conferencing would be difficult. (laggy videos etc) But it went really well!

I think our group did great in adapting to the situation and as every positive side to an
unfortunate situation – we’ve gotten good at observing, giving cues and working with
camera angles. Additionally, I didn’t have to travel anymore, which meant extra sleep in the
morning AND afternoon. Teehee.

As we were about halfway through our YTT before it got moved online, actual teaching (a full
60min class) was dawning upon us. Community classes weren’t possible anymore and our
batchmates became our “students” instead.

I know I am ready but I don’t feel ready! Halp.

Feb’20 Weekend YTT