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Mel: “What is your reason for taking YTT?”

On the very first day of YTT, I was sitting on my mat, feeling a mixture of shyness,
anxiousness and excitement. There were new faces all around me and I wondered if they felt
the same way I did. We had to do a round of introduction and answer why we were taking
YTT. Some said they wanted to deepen their practice, some wanted to help others…

My answer was “I just really love yoga and it felt like a natural progressive step to take”

I felt that my answer was lame compared to the others. But it was the truth. I didn’t know if I
wanted to teach after graduation because: oh em gee! Standing before a class of people and
teaching them?! – that was too much for the person who takes comfort in not socialising
and being under the covers watching Netflix or reading a book on weekends.

Me. “the person” is me.

But here we are. Let’s see what happens and fingers crossed I’ll be able to remember
everyone’s names.

Feb’20 Weekend YTT