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Okay phew. I managed to remember everyone’s names and that is an amazing feat because
at the end of the day I’ll be soooo fatigued I can barely call a Grab home. Maybe a disclaimer
but I really am not a morning person. The first three weeks were especially painful for me
because it took me some time to get used to waking up at 6:15am on the weekends.

The first couple of weekends were also the hardest for me physically, because we did a lot
of exercises to first get our bodies strong enough for things like arm balances and
inversions. Although I’ve been a regular subject for Alexis’ “torture” for 2 years…boy was I in
for a surprise. I won’t reveal much in case you, yes you, the one reading it is deciding on
taking YTT (dowittt).. but all I can say is Jess is very creative. But not to worry! She’s a real
team player. She actually does the exercises together with us and still manages to instruct
and teach. Hats off.

The goal is to emerge a butterfly after this YTT.

100 squat jumps anyone?

Feb’20 Weekend YTT