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Mila: Blog Entry 1 – Mind Body & Soul

When I first began the course, I knew my flexibility was going to be my downfall, which it
has been so far. I wasn’t too worried about strength, but the strength I have is for explosive
sports and weight training rather than smooth graceful controlled movements. There were
times I found many more layers to myself. When facing poses that challenged my body; my
mind was saying “We can for sure do this for sure” while my body was at its physical limit
and shakes would appear. My ego would take a hit when I would fall out of the pose, and an
overwhelming feeling of frustration and disappointment would rush over me. However, at a
deeper level my soul was lifting me up and telling me its ok, this is where I am now my body
its reacting to being pushed in a new way. My best right now is good enough. Keep moving

200 Hour YTT Nov’19 Weekday