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Mila: Blog Entry 2 – Energy

The 200hr YTT takes up a large part of the day, I arranged my working schedule around it –
teaching boom at 7am and my clients in the evenings. I thought I would have enough energy
to juggle it all. Except, I did not plan foresee the unexpected turns in life. I began by getting
food poisoning the night before and spending day 1 of YTT in the hospital! Two days later
my sister got ill, and I have to take care of her. I discovered there are many different
levels/types of energy in me. I learned how to be able to give an inspiring personal energy to
my clients, an encouraging and hyped energy to my boom classes but also have enough good
and pure energy to handle my own practice and my sister. I definitely learned how to
recharge efficiently through meditating and doing small things to lift me up. I am in charge of
my energy fully. This realization (as simple as it sounds) unlocked many doors for me.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19 Weekday