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Mila: Blog Entry 4 – Pratyahara

In the past I had malabsorption of my surroundings and poor attention span. I could have a deep
conversation but if a fly appeared that’s it, I’m gone. I’d take everything into myself from the
external forces, however now it has finally reversed. I feel I am able to have my own thoughts,
opinions and not be swayed by external forces. I am able to also focus on one task at a time. I
began walking slower and tried not to multitask when unnecessary. Focusing on the task at
hand, making me more present, more engaged, more focused. In the mornings we sat and
breathed, hopefully meditating. Starting days I could hear cars, think silly thoughts, feel numb
legs. Towards the end, I was able to focus enough to the point where we would come back and

everyone was talking about the crazy car outside and I was clueless because I did not hear
anything other than my breath, my heart, and silence. I felt lighter, refreshed, at peace.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19 Weekday