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Mila: Blog Entry 6 – Ego, Patience & Love

I used brutal force for everything in life. I’m assertive with decisions and I’m an aggressive
problem solver. All the qualities you would like in a corporate life leader, or a boxer.
However, I am no longer either. I am finally searching my own path and with that comes
trusting the flow of life and patience. I knew I didn’t have patience for certain things, but I
found a hundred more things I had no patience for once I started YTT. I tried to take is easy
and give it patience, but I was forcing patience as well! The day I gave up and let go of my
expectations was the day I sprained my wrist. I began understanding patience and love for
your body. Everything happens for a reason, and the wrist injury was a blessing in disguise.
Unable to do majority of the practice, I had to take a back seat and watch. Which would have
driven me crazy four weeks ago. But I was surprisingly okay. I understand I need to heal,
love my body, understand it’s doing its best; this takes time. I understand I pushed it when I
knew my muscles were tired, but my ego and stubbornness got the better of me.

200 Hour YTT Nov’19