Mind and breath

  1. We came to the end of Week 2. The second week was tough and it really tested my physical and mental abilities. I could feel a shift within myself; to assume the mindset of a potential future yoga teacher instead of a practitioner in a class. It also helped that by the second week, the Sanskrit names of the asanas were becoming more second nature and easier to roll off the tongue although mixups between urdhva/adho/ardha are still happening!

Two key things which struck me this week:

  1. Training the mind – we are sometimes limited not by our physical attributes or abilities but by our minds. Our minds let us down whenever we tell ourselves that we can’t do certain things. This has got to change and to every challenge that comes, yes we can and we will be successful.
  2. Just breathe – when you are in difficult situations and you feel you are losing control, the only thing you have control over is your breath. Focus on your pranayama, expand the life force in your body and you’ll gain more clarity and the situation isn’t as daunting. This to shall pass.

In a way, I’m glad the weekend is here! My legs need some serious rest!


Joanne (ig: jojo_namaste)