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Mind Over Matter (1/6)

I used to think of failure as an indication that I’m not good enough. Sure, you can try again and keep trying till you succeed but sometimes you just run out of energy and patience and succumb to a feeling of “meh, I’ll just try something else. This isn’t for me”.


Physical fitness was that for me – something I could just never be good at. After YTT though I realized that it’s not my body that needs to become fitter – it’s my mind.


Initially I took it personally that I just wasn’t as strong or as flexible as I thought I was – but that was just my ego talking. It was my ego that was comparing me with others and that placed expectations on myself. Behind all that, I just wanted to learn, grow and become stronger and fitter, both mentally and physically – at my own pace.


One great thing about yoga is that it has a unique capability of presenting the practitioner with the clear difference between the mind and the body, and I am so glad that I was placed in this precarious situation in a safe environment among a loving teacher and kind group of people.