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Misconception of Yoga

Generally, once you talk about Yoga, one of the answer you get will be something related to flexibility. Well, after 3 weeks of YTT and learning the importance of how to engage my core and locking of bandha(s), Aka: “tuck your ribs + stomach lock, scoop your tailbone & lock your root lock” and of course, engagement of various different muscles to get into one pose, hold, and release… I can tell them, it is NOT only about flexibility! Well the reason being I am not flexible to begin with. Honestly, there are moments I felt discouraged, especially when you see everyone else being able to do the pose, with flexibility except me. Well, after thinking through and like Jessica said, I am just like most of the people out there. Giving deeper thoughts to this, in hindsight, I could really relate to how they feel and hopefully with that, I could encourage more inflexible people to join classes by providing variations specially for them, which allows them to improve body posture through alignment and slowly gain flexibility!

Feeling motivated to inspire others~

Marilyn (YTT200 – Batch July to Sep 18)