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Guiding Light

Moments after community class

I was feeling half anxious and excited for my community class this weekend. The days
passed in a blur – even during work, I was reciting my sequence and instructions at the back
of my mind. I was wondering, ‘Is my sequence too easy/ too hard? Should I put in regression
poses? Have I put in progressive poses for more stronger students? How about some drills
to keep things more dynamic and keep energy higher’?

I had my sequence all planned out but was not sure if it was enough. I have tried the
sequence myself and even called upon my husband for support. He said it was fine. Why am
I still feeling uneasy then? I did not sleep at all that Friday night, the day before my first
community class.

Contrary to my beliefs, first class went rather smoothly with minor hiccups. I felt I was slightly
thrown off course when a student came in late for class. My sequence and pacing were
good, but I forgot about doing warmups before progressing with the class. Nevertheless, I
felt good seeing the beads of sweat from students.

Feedback for my first class was that I needed to be more engaging to my students and that
the tone of my voice should be firmer (rather than in a higher tone) which sounds like a
question rather than instruction. I seems that I was ‘in my own world’ while teaching, thinking
of what is next, rather than giving my 100% attention to my students.

That is when I realise that it is THEIR PRACTICE today. It is no longer about what I can do,
it is about what can my students do. I am there to provide with necessary adjustments,
guidance, and encouragement. It is up to my students to discover and learn about their own
body. I am merely a guide for their class.

Thus, for my second class, I took my time and paid attention to them, without worrying what
is next – I have already memorised various poses from the sequence. Anyways, I can always
make add or remove certain poses within the time limit.

You cannot tell my relief and joy after my second class; but I was brimming with pride &
gratefulness when I heard that I was told that I passed my teaching practical.


200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21