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More about asana practice

Before my 200hr YTT, I had barely learned any inversion and hand balancing poses. There are balancing poses such as tree pose and revolved triangle poses, which I have practiced but always found difficulty in finding balance. After realizing the importance of muscle engagement and body awareness, the balancing poses are easier to achieve by engaging the correct body parts. The beauty of inversion and hand balancing poses for me is that it requires you to have the awareness over your whole body instead a single part of muscles. You have to feel where your hips are, where your foot toes are pointing to, whether your shoulder or legs are in line, etc. To achieve those poses, I found that I have to practice to have a full awareness of my body. However, it is not easy to visualize your body part while you are upside down. Videoing helped me a lot with understanding my body and analyzing my center point. It is still a long journey for me to go to be aware of my full body and control my mind. But I am feeling I am on a right way to achieve it.

Ma Jiameng
RYT200 YTT February 2019 Weekend