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Motivations for embarking on the 200YTT: Kim

Taking signs from the universe that this year is about embracing transformation and change, I
embarked on this YTT programme with great courage and optimism. It truly turned out to be one of
my best decisions for 2021. For a while, I had been exploring various programmes that will work on
mobility and also holistically strengthen my body and being. This proved challenging since I wasn’t
seeking a purely physical fitness programme/course, and for a long time, I didn’t think yoga was at its
core, what I was inclined towards. I was neither flexible or nimble, nor did I look like the slender yogis
that permeated my Instagram feed.


Still, out of sheer happenstance, a friend who is a fitness trainer and instructor, mentioned The Yoga
Mandela (TYM) during our lunch earlier this year. I asked if she knew of training programmes that
merged strength and mobility within yoga and she mentioned TYM’s Yoga Teaching Training (YTT).
Prior to this, I had googled “YTT” months ago and none of the programmes really spoke to me.
However, looking at TYM’s social media presence and its dedication as a teachers academy, I took
the leap of faith and visited the studio, and decided to sign up for the YTT later that week.


Writing this now as we have entered the teaching weeks, it has made me realise how far we’ve
progressed in our yoga journey and practice. From grounding our pranayama practice, learning the
various asanas, working on verbal and physical adjustments, to now creating our own sequences and
delivering a 60-minute class. I would not have thought this was even possible two months ago.


If anything, this YTT has taught me to be patient in my practice, to nurture purpose and intention in all
that I do. To not rush into poses but to enter each asana with understanding; to engage the muscles
and parts of my body and activate them knowingly. It reiterated that yoga is an ongoing journey and
even after YTT is over, I will endeavour to continue my practice with focus whilst instilling quiet


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend