My classmates as my yoga teacher – Naomi

The week before last, we were teaching Surya Namaskar A & B. We learned how to align eachother towards the end of that week. We were all stuggling to simply teach Surya Namaskar A&B with alignment at that time. Our teaching was so unpersonal and mechanical, we were still preoccupied with saying the right sanskrit word at the right time whilst trying to figure out what needed to be aligned.

I left the crew to take care of personal business overseas for a week and I came back yesterday.

We had 3 asana classes taught by classmates and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The sequences were well planned and their teaching skills had completely trasformed to a level where I thought to myself, “OMG, I feel like I just went to a yoga studio where I had to pay money to take the classes.” It was THAT GOOD! In just 5 business days they had gone from a little worm to a butterfly!!!

Although we had only met for the first time on Oct 2nd, our bond is very tight. We’ve been sweating and working hard 5days a week, to acheive one common goal. And to see your new yogi friends getting very close to the goal is just an amazing feeling. The word happy nor proud nor excited isn’t correct. All I can say is that being able to attend their class yesterday completely made my day!

I cannot wait for us to self discover additional layers of our “personal” teaching touches!