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My First Class (boon)

Today is my first ever teaching exam. I’m very thankful of my friends that are willing to be my guinea pigs. However, I think I kind of screw things up. Firstly is by creating a sequence that I thought was okay but turns out is too much for certain students to handle. Poses that I thought is basic and I didn’t have to explain/demonstrate much but turns out I really have to.

Secondly, it has always been my weakest point. Not to float away which I still did on my own teaching class. Sometimes I’m amazed with how fast my mind just slipped off in split second. Maybe I should really do a handstand while teaching my class? Hmmmm….

Lastly, is multitasking. It is a challenge for me to adjust a person’s alignment and my eyes have to scan around the class to make sure the safety of my students. I just cannot understand if my mind can slip easily. Why not my eyesight? I mean how nice if my eye can check around while I’m focusing on adjusting someone’s alignment.

I do understand we are all different so we will have different struggles in doing certain poses that might seemed easy for me but may not for others. So as teaching. It is not my thing, for now. But I shall not give up in learning. That’s why I’m here in this course.