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My first real time yoga experience

This is a long over due post but I guess it’s better late than never.
And here it goes..

When I first decided to sign up for this YTT, I had no clue what I was up for. It was something which popped up in my head rather suddenly for me..having not much knowledge and prior experience of yoga. It was sort of like a light bulb or A-HA moment..or should I say the kind which just keeps ringing in your mind over and over again..and you can’t get it off unless you do something about it. And the next thing I know, I was in the studio talking with Alexis, as she so patiently explained to me what YTT is all about. Fell in love with the studio and the positive vibes it radiates. And a few weeks later, I was in for my very first day of YTT.

The feeling was surreal. I was the only one in class with no prior experience in yoga or practicing it, to say the least. But Jessica made us all feel really comfortable, welcoming and loving. No judgements. Her goofy, yet motherly, loving and warm personality she exudes, made us all feel treasured.

However, nothing could have prepared me for what was coming up. Boy…was I in for a surprise! The noob in me thinking that yoga is just about stretching and relaxing? Good grief!! Lord have mercy on my body!! And the physical pain which follows? I can’t even begin to express it! The first 3 days was a real challenge. My body was just dead. The out of body extra terrestrial kinda feeling. It was like as if your soul left the body and wasn’t sure if it wants to return again. My brain wasn’t even functioning. I came back home for the first few days with a language no one could fathom or comprehend. I was either chanting something in Sanskrit or moaning in pain.

Fast forward to 2 weeks and I survived in what perhaps could be one of the most physically challenging period in my life. It was surreal yet felt like an achievement, even though we were all uncertain of what is to come the following weeks. A term I like to call…venturing into “the big black hole of pain”.