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My first teaching assignment

Today marks my very first “real-life” yoga teaching session! Apart from our pretty batch ladies and my supportive Aunt, I managed to conquer my fear and invited my neighbours (whom i have never met!). When they responded to come, I was really excited but at the same time, thoughts came running…. “omg it’s going to be real, teaching strangers… did I, erm… overdo it?”.

    The Sequence: Digestive Booster

Drafting the sequence was fun and yet, a brain-killer. Thinking of the various class levels, wondering what would be good for all levels, as I knew my neighbours and Aunt were Beginners/ Intermediate, and with our strong batch ladies… plus I kind of wanted to start my first teaching with more gentle touch. So, I decided to complete my sequence by focusing on massaging on abdominal organs and muscles instead of basis on class level intensity. Partly also cause I tend to have constipation and after YTT started, it definitely improved my bowels ALOT! So yes, then was the deciding factor.

    Teaching experience

As time drew closer to the class commencement, I start to panic…. My mind was like “neighbours may eventually not turn up… that would be less stressful..” Then the time ticks 12pm and they did not arrive… So class started, and when i was about to go start Pranayama, I was told they are coming, but got lost. It was literally “小鹿乱撞” aka “intensified panic, stress, happy, excited, worried” feelings battling inside me. I am glad I managed to calm myself down somehow, not sure how but it did. And so I started teaching…. and in the second set of Navasana, all of a sudden I felt a sense of happiness trying to engage the class and seeing everyone focusing, trying to do the poses together… That feeling definitely helped encouraged me. It led me towards the completion of my first teaching assignment.

Oh and it was my first time seeing people in Savasana! I was really relieved and glad to see everyone fully relaxed and enjoying it. That marked the completion of my first teaching assignment!

Feeling excited on the next teaching assignment~
Marilyn (YTT200 – Batch July to Sep 18)