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My first three yoga classes are completed!

I wasn’t planned to be a yoga teacher when I first register for YTT training. My initial thought is simply to have a good command of knowledge in yoga and to be able to practice yoga myself safely at home. However, the YTT changes my mind, it encourages me to think and learn yoga in a different way, from a teaching perspective. I really appreciate the YTT at the Yoga Mandala has given us a chance to experience teaching real yoga classes before we really step into the business. It also forces me to start to observe and learn from different yoga instructors how they sequence a class, what are their teacher styles and what are the most valuable things of their teaching to make student benefit from their classes. I started to practice teaching yoga with my yoga partners. It was a difficult journey in sequencing a class but also an interesting journey when you are able to observe different people’s body conditions and trying to work out with variations for them to benefit from yoga.  I found it also a great way to learn yoga by becoming a yoga teacher and keep practicing yoga theories in me while teaching. My first three yoga classes were completed right before our final assessment. I had to admit that I learned and improved a lot in the process of classes preparation and classes reflections. There are lots of benefits I got from my three yoga classes and it encourages me to seek for further opportunities teaching yoga along with my yoga journey.

Ma Jiameng
RYT200 YTT February 2019 Weekend