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My most favorite Yoga guinea pig (2/6)

What nobody tells you when you start a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT): You will need a human guinea pig!

You will need to learn by doing and there is no way around it. You will have to:

  • learn to be present and confident
  • learn to give instructions
  • learn to give the right clues at the right time
  • learn to adjust students
  • learn to be able to spontaneously change the sequence according to your students needs

Last on this list is most likely to happen in every Yoga teachers life. Like on a daily basis. And I feel prepared for that. Why? Because my (most favorite) guinea pig is my partner. What a kind and patient soul.

He is fine with me searching in my head for words (he does not understand because it is Sanskrit), holding poses for way too long because I need the right angle to physically adjust plus encourages me telling me how well I am doing.

And what does that teach me in return? (Apart from he simply is THE best) I understand which instructions must be given quicker than others and adjustments can be wired sometimes.

Also I learn patience for example when he asks me to go with him riding race bikes the next time… :-).

I feel blessed with the strong support during the intense time of the YTT.