My Yoga Journey So Far

I took a leap of faith, quit my job and joined my first ever YTT course with The Yoga Mandala. I was looking for a positive change in my life. I wanted to make good choices towards my fitness and overall health, work on self-love, finding confidence, and finding my voice along the way.

On the first week of training, I found myself being totally destroyed as I found difficulty in doing most of the asanas and could not do them properly because of my lack of flexibility and strength. I got home each day, totally knocked out and defeated.

The second week came along and each day I feel stronger, fitter and more energetic. I am also seeing improvements in my mental endurance too!

By the third week, I can see and feel a vast improvement in my strength and flexibility and can you believe it? We’re working on inversions too! That is something I’ve never imagined I could even do when I first joined. The fear of falling/crashing/ face-planting or feeling that your muscles may fail you and give way, is real. But with the constant encouragement of my teachers and classmates, and by seeing little improvements each day, or even being able to hold in a difficult pose a few split seconds more than the day before, spurs me to continue to be brave and keep pushing on!

I’m going into my 4th week of my YTT and I am happy to report that, I already feel like a whole different person. And I really like the positive changes I see in myself both physically and mentally. It’s amazing!


6 May 2018