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My YTT Journey. – Samson, RYT200

I was a little skeptical about taking the Yoga Teacher Training course initially. Having been coaching for close to 10 years in the fitness industry, I feel like I’ve had my fair share of everything related to the industry, but I was wrong.


I attended my first Yoga class when I was 17. It was a disaster. I was chased out of the class because I kept laughing and I thought that was about it. Never did I expect to chance upon Yoga again in my late twenties when I started working in a commercial gym and I had to sit in to an instructor’s class. I remembered it being a positive experience for me and I started to do it once a week.


I suffer from anxiety and will get random anxiety attacks. I’ve been seeing a therapist but I am unable to come to the core of my triggers. During YTT program, we have do breathing sessions call pranayama. It was bad for me during the first 2 weeks, because I was put into a situation where I have to be alone with the thoughts that I am used to putting aside for 10-20 minutes everyday. It was really uncomfortable until I started to ease into it progressively. On my third week, I had a sob fest during one of the pranayama session. And I’ve never felt more liberated, all that repressed emotions I kept in as a kid, started pouring out. It made me learn that crying doesn’t harm anyone at all, it was never a form of weakness and it is deeply healing for one’s self. I felt like it was at that point of time where I know that I can reconnet with myself again.


The YTT program also taught me that there is no cheating in Yoga. There is only progression. Feel free to use the blocks, feel free to bend your knees. The ultimate goal is so much more than that! I have learned to be honest with my feelings and I started to do things for myself more. Like giving myself the space to rest and slow down.


The past 4 weeks has been intense! Juggling my PT clients, with my full time job and my YTT, I’ve never felt more productive! Although its kind of sad that my YTT journey is ending, I am also looking forward to what’s ahead of me. And for that I will forever be grateful.


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