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My YTT journey part 2

On the 17th November 2018, I kick-started the teaching exam.

The night before, I was stressing out about my sequence. I was worried that my sequence is not good enough, I was afraid that I might be a bad teacher, I was anxious about not articulating my cues well enough for my students to understand what I want them to do.
Then I remembered what Jessica said. In summary, she mentioned that we shouldn’t construct a sequence out of our own ego. It should be constructed with care, considerations of students who are new to yoga, injured and have certain physical shortcomings.
Her words were etched in my head and they provided a sense of comfort. Why? because I don’t need to create a WOOOW sequence to impress people. Yoga is not a competition or about impressing people.
It is about stripping off that ego of mine and JUST CREATE A SENSIBLE SEQUENCE. It does not matter if my sequence is boring or extremely strong and impressive. It only matters if it is flows well and can make my students feel good at the end of the day, even if the sequence is entirely made up of the fundamental poses like warrior, boat, chaturanga , uttanasana , etc.
Teaching my YTT friends was a humbling experience for me. As a typical millennial, I am self-centered and narcissistic. But this eye-opening experience has taught me to be less self-centered and narcissistic. I had to pay attention to how they feel and body alignments. It is not about how WOOW my sequence is.
I am afraid of judgement. I fear people telling me that my sequence is “boring”, “easy game” and “no kick”. and therefore, think that I am a chill and lazy person.
But, I’ve learned that your sequence does not entirely defines you. It reflects if you are a considerate and mindful teacher that prioritizes the students’ safety and feelings.
I want to be a mindful and considerate teacher.
I’ll be teaching my first community class this weekend, and I cannot wait to share more of my humbling experiences here!