My YTT Journey Reflection 6/6 Su Yeon (Janet) Hong

My YTT Journey is coming to the end. 200 hours pasted so fast and I’m sad that only 2 days left ahead of me. During YTT, I dived deep into my practice and learnt how to share this beautiful gift with others. Being in front of strangers as a teacher is quite nervous but as my teacher, Jessica said, once you consider teaching as spreading good knowledge, it turned out to be more exciting rather than nervous. I gave the lesson to my high-school friends today and throughout the lesson, I was so pleasant to share what yoga breathing is about, how each asana can improve their bodies and help them relax with shavasana.


It was an journey of self discovery.

Becoming a yoga teacher is about finding your own sense of peace, strength and self expression. I never imagined that my teaching will be very mothery, gentle and soft until I tried the first lesson with classmates.


I found a love for yoga.

I didn’t know there would be so much studies on Yoga and yoga philosophy.

Now I know several breathing techniques that actually clean people’s body and mind and 8 limbs of yoga could be a good guidance for a mindful life. I woke up my body with Surya Namaskar every damn day and it felt so good after sweating so much. As I deepen my practice, I become more modest as I encounter a number of difficulties in asana. And it was such a joy to see my small improvement on the mat every day.


I built a lifelong friendship.

My class consists of students from different background different nationalites, different stages of life. During today’s lunch, we were talking about ourselves and we felt really grateful about having each other during this journey. We don’t bitch about each other, no jealousness involved among us. We are there to help each other and learn from each other. Just watching yourself and others grow is a great bonding experience.


After all, I’m so glad to choose TYM for YTT and to be able to meet great teachers here. Knowledges, Skills, tips, stories and encouragement from my teaches actually meant a lot.


I’m so fortunate to be here in this lovely studio and I miss these moments already..