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Natalia 3/6 Yoga change your life?

Yoga can Change your life?

Believe you or not, yoga effects on your life. Good news, changes it in positive way:)Yama/niyama, asana, pranayama practices changes you energy, thoughts, body and it’s means world around you.

When you do practice you change your anergy from negative to positive, it’s effects on your body and behavior. After good asana and meditation practice  you can feel positive anergy in your body, calmness of your mid. So if you feel angry, worry, feel  pain in your back simply start yoga class.

Yoga can also help to you stop your bad hobbits like smoking, drinking and junk food. If you can’t control dosages of it, yoga can help. Just need to find right technique and regular practice. Like kundalini using to treat  for drugs addicted people, Yoga Nidra was used for Americans solders after war.

  We are difficult system and it’s not only about physical part. Body, mind,  conscious unconscious, energy, chakras  and auras. Yoga touches this all parts, the only thing that can destroyed its fantavticizm. Namaste!