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Natalia 4/6 “Back pain and yoga”.

  1.    Naw days people spend long time in same position like sitting in offices, standing at shops, using phones, computers for hours . All this things have negative effect on your spine. Same position through hours make activate the same gropes of your muscles and made compression on your spine. Weak core, weak spine muscles  are reason of back, shoulder, neck pains. The only way to help your spine is right physical exercises. Yes, it is! You can spend a lots of money for medications, comfortable chairs, pillows…. But physically strong spine muscles is based of your now and future health.

Why yoga?

Different asanas activate different gropes of muscles,  straiten back muscles and core. This muscles keep body straight and hold. When this muscles are strong, back pain can be released or avoided.

Other thing, that asanas gives  is muscles stretch. Yoga gives stretching and relaxation that relief tension of muscles. Holding positions gives flex and stretches other  muscles, giving flexibility. For people with lower back pain need to decreasing stress at muscles, improve blood flow , which gives nutrients .

Third thing is breath, yoga improves body flexibility and improves blood circulation .

  All this aspects and even more yoga gives, that’s why this is one of the best way to treat your back problems. Namaste!