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Natalia 5/6 Meditation benefits.

Meditation is the thing, that can helps to release your stress and improve concentration. This is common reason why people do meditations. But meditation has many benefits for you, except just stress release. 

 Meditation can help to reduce your anxiety, treat anxiety disorders, phobias, panic attacks. Regular meditation can help in anxiety during high pressure work. There are many researchers and studies around it.

 Emotional help is another benefit from meditation practice. It’s can help to get more positive out-look on your  life and yourself. Positive thinking and optimism!

Self-awareness is another effect of meditation. Regular practice can bring more understanding of yourself and people around you. You will easier to recognize thoughts which harmful for you and bring them in to more constructive way. 

Meditation can generate kindness of yourself and others, improve your empathy. It’s very important to understand and feel others, be helpful to each other. Regular practice definitely can do it for you.

 Meditation can help fight addictions. You will  able  to control your cravings like alcohol, food, shopping and other. It’s helps to build discipline and control your impulses.