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Natalia. Why pranayama? 2/6

    Pranayama is 4th limb of yoga, “prana” is “energy” or “life sours”. Breathing is the most important sours for our body, without breathing human can leave just few minutes. We come here with our first breath and leave our body making our last breath…

  With breathing techniques like Ujjayi Breathing, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati, Bhramari simply we can bring more awareness and energy to our life, improves our health. Bring more oxygen to your brain and body.

   Simple pranayama practice can be don every where you feel comfortable. Best place for practice is outside on nature, because yogis believe that with prana you take in energy of this place. But also can do your pranayama at home or classes.

  Pranayama is techniques which exists and show their effectiveness through centuries. Just breathe!Namaste ?