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Negative thoughts? Change it!

So as a typical Kapha, my face might be appeared calm and composed but underneath that “Zen” veil, sometimes I do also overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

But I always try to think in positive way. Here’s a summary of my thought for the 1st week so far. =)

1st Challenge:
Why wake up at 5.30am to get ready for a 7.30am class? Why why why?
Positive: Girl, you are lucky! It is a blessing that you are able to learn yoga with in a loving and supportive community under a professional team and safe environment, not to mention the teachers are also the best in town. =)

2nd Challenge:
Sometimes wake up too late and the MRT goes way too slow.
Positive: It represents my circadian clock still have a lot to be improved. And when people goes slow, you go slow as well. Take that time to slow down you breathing and practice a little bit of ujjayi breathing.

3rd Challenge:
Never had the time to eat breakfast.
Positive: Drink more water. Consider this one of your own”kriyas” and maybe it’s time for some “bhastrika”? 🙂

4th Challenge:
What? Teaching???? Speaking in front of public? I have stage fright to teach in front of my classmates. How am I going to survive this? 🙁
Positive: Just do it. I repeat, just do it.

5th challenge:
Omg! How am I going to hold this pose? 5 more breaths? My lower back is aching and my knees…Oh my knees.
Positive: Just hold it. Even the world comes to an end and you still haven’t tasted Brunetti’s chocolate truffle cake. JUST HOLD IT.

6th challenge:
My classmates are better than me. I’m not going to top them.T_T
Positive: Stop beating yourself up! It’s not a competition and it is a journey of self-discovery.Period.

7th challenge:
Shouldn’t drink that wine and shouldn’t eat that pork knuckle with blueberry jam last night. Maybe I should become vegan or vegetarian.
Positive: Forget that. Concentrate on being. Means now. I repeat. Now.

8th challenge:
Stomach is screaming hunger. What am I going to have later for lunch? Salad or mixed rice? Salad, what combinations I want? If mixed rice, what dish should I choose?….
Positive: See no.7.

As time goes by, I have befriended my mind. Even though sometimes it drives me crazy, especially doing asanas, but I choose to embrace them and not to be aggravated by them.

Just another day of class while having the thoughts above before 11am everyday. Haha.

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