Nerve Wrecking First Class!! (Shuping)

We have finally come to the first day of teaching week. I have my first ever class and it was such a nerve wrecking yet valuable experience. We have the chance to open our class to our friends, family and public. Despite having the class during working hours, I am really grateful to have a few friends coming over to support.

Having the opportunity to teach a yoga class was an eye opener for me. What may seem like just an hour of practice is actually tons of time spent preparing it. I would never be able to do this without the month of practice and learning, neither would I be able to do this without having a proper sequence in mind and understanding of how to get into the poses in the sequence.

I have also learnt that you will never be able to be fully prepared for everything. What’s more important is how you are able to react under pressure. It was also a great experience having students (friends) who were new to yoga in the class, as it pushes me to think of different strategies in delivering instructions that were clear enough to different groups in the same class.

Jessica has also given great feedback and observations which are really helpful. While there are definitely many areas to be improved, I’m finding myself enjoying the process and yearning to do more! 2 more classes to go!