New start! Yuming, YTT200

For last two days of teaching, I use to have so much fears, I’m not a natural performer, I get really nervous in front of people, but guess what, I did not have bit of nervousness in all the classes! I forget my Sanskrit though when I was focused on all the tasks and feel very busy!! But the mind of truly want to make the class worthy for all the participators, takes all other mind away! This was such a big self improvement for me n here a big thanks to my role model Alexis, whom I learnt so much from, the knowledges, the true heart to share it, n the firmness to make sure anyone gets it!

Tomorrow! The final day of our YTT200, so excited to become a certificated Yoga Instructors, in the meanwhile feel deeply sad that this amazing journey come to an end.

I can not imagine myself doing anything else! It was hard, but in the end of the day, it all felt so natural to me, the enthusiasm and the hunger!

So this end also is the first step, right now, I feel so grateful that I’ve went through this journey in such ideal place, The Yoga Mandala, and learnt yoga n much more from the best possible teacher for me, Jessica, Alexis, Sara and Nicole, thank you all so much, you made me ready!

To Din, Ida and Annette, really thank you for all the inspirations, the fun and all the helps! It means so much to me! It won’t be the same without you guys, I wish we all become excellent Yoga Instructors!! And may all the happiness with we all!!