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Nia: Teaching

The day has finally come! When I am stressed or am nervous about something I usually get really
bad stomach aches and nausea. Today though, even though it was a (pretty) important assessment,
I felt more excited than anything! Wasn’t this the reason why I joined the YTT in the first place?


I had invited friends from work to join my class. Most of them did yoga semi regularly, except for
a couple of them who go to the gym regularly. I made a sequence that I felt could be modified for
beginners and progressed for those who wanted a bit more of a challenge.


I am happy to say that the class went pretty smoothly! There are some things which I will work on
before my second community class but in general I felt pretty pleased about the class. I am also very
very thankful for the people who volunteered to join my class.


I really think that the way the YTT has been planned out made me be prepared to actually teach.
Getting to practice teaching from early on in the YTT made me feel much more prepared,
which I think really helped lessen the anxiety of teaching. You get used to giving instructions
early on in the YTT, that was a slight confidence boost for me because I’ve already learned what to do
and it was just a matter of remembering my sequence and managing the class.​


We’ve got 2 more weekends to go before we graduate. How time flies!
I’m incredibly glad I made the decision to do YTT at TYM and have met all the wonderful people here 🙂
I’m very thankful for the experience.
It’s still uncertain whether I’ll get to continue teaching after YTT, but I would love to.
Just as my first yoga teachers had inspired me to continue with the practice,
I hope to share this practice and maybe inspire others as well.


RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend