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No Homework, No Yoga: Weiying

To ensure our maximum progress during the course of YTT, we were given daily homework drills by Jess to strengthen our bodies. 


This week was the first week since we first started that we hadn’t had any homework from her. Jess probably wanted to give us more time to prepare our teaching sequences, and study for our upcoming exam, I don’t know. I didn’t ask – heehee. 


And somehow, it feels very natural. My body didn’t cry out for any stretches or drills. The days pass and suddenly it’s Friday and I’ve not done much yoga practice. I decided to do a few sun salutations to feel better about myself. And wow, my hamstrings grew tighter, I couldn’t bend as low as before in Uttanasana, and my limbs ached a little the day after.


It is indeed scary to know that without supervision, this may very likely be how I throw my yoga education away. With no Jess to remind us to do work, no regular meeting with mates of the same purpose, will I still want to keep up with my yoga practice? This involves a complete lifestyle change, right down to the little choices that I make daily – if I want to snooze for another 15 minutes or get a few sun salutations in to start the day. It’s beginning to sink in. To start building a conscious effort in wanting to seek betterment. No external force needed, it all starts from within. 


In two weeks, we would have graduated. And this is where the real training starts. I choose to let YTT be a springboard to a healthier life, instead of letting it be just a highlight of 2021.


200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend