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Olivia 4. Fear of inversions

Throughout YTT, there are times when we ask Jess questions and she mentions she has to see us do the pose in person or that she only takes in certain private sessions because everybody is different and not every cue would work for you.

A big part of being a yoga teacher is knowing that every student is different and you should give specific cues (as much as possible) for different students. And likewise , a big part of being a yoga practitioner is knowing what cues to take for yourself.

Throughout YTT, “tuck your tailbone” was the biggest cue drilled into us. I think we all probably had dreams about it. And for many poses, that cue seemed to work for me, until inversions.

Apparently, I was engaging that part so much (probably attribute that to leg day) that it made the front part of my legs so heavy that my legs would just fall forward. More than one instructor just told me to untuck my tailbone.

I was so confused at that point that I could not even untuck my tailbone because my body
automatically does it.
I had to consciously get into chair pose, stick my butt out and tuck in repeatedly just to understand the movement on the ground before going up!

And that helped! So from now on in inversions, when they say tuck tailbone, I have to consciously untuck my tailbone.

The big lesson learned is to do what works for you and your body and to be open to feedback and suggestions (with a pinch of salt of course).