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Olivia Yiong 1. Welcome to YTT

So I finally took the plunge and dived right straight into YTT 200.

Completing the YTT was always something on my to-do list/bucket list/whatever you call it these days.

I wanted it but I made so many excuses for myself.

School/work/timing/money/lack of knowledge.

And somehow I chose to embark on this journey at the busiest point in my life. Working 2 jobs,
starting a whole new corporate job, practicing for my 2nd performance and all while nursing the
worst injury I’ve ever gotten.

Genius, I know.

Then again, the timing was never my best forte anyway.

All I knew was that I needed and wanted to know more, find out more about why things were
done a certain way. It was beyond what I used to want (i.e. just getting the cert). Basically, I just
wanted to know what I was doing every yoga class.

And boy, am I learning.

Best $3,600 I’ve ever spent. And this was only possible with the encouragement of my yoga
buddies Valerie and Sophia.

And of course, meeting Jess, whose facial expressions every weekend never fails to make me