Omg exams are here – 4/6 Claire

I started out on this YTT course, questioning myself for almost every lesson during the first month, on why i took up the course and am i for real in the course. Then second month comes and the feeling that i am for real in this course sets in. Then now as we are approaching the third month, the lessons are more intensive on the teaching and adjusting aspect, and the reality that our exams are here approaches. Where did all the time go? 3 months sure passes by really fast.

Now our course mates are more bonded and at ease with one another, and we are all focused on doing well for the course. But i realise that the ending of the YTT course is not an end point for me. In fact, it is the starting point for me to be more in tuned in my yoga practice, to continue working on my core strength, flexibility, arm strength, concentration, mental strength and stamina. I do feel stronger and more flexible than before, and the feeling is addictive. It drives me in wanting to continue having the feeling.

Please let me forever remember this 3 months of my life in YTT course, the drive to want to do better and get stronger and knowing i am in control.

To my course mates, i am so glad to have spent these 3 months with you all and working towards a common goal together. Hope to see everyone continuing their yoga practice and should there be a chance, lets join in on the next course.


With metta,

Claire Tay