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On Chakras (relight my fire!)

I have been interested in the topic of lifeforce(chi), chakra channels, for a while and had done some reading on kundalini. All the articles would explain the types of chakras, where they were located, and how imbalances would affect us, but it was difficult to find information on how to open up these pathways or channel energy around the body. If they did include an explanation, I found it hard to understand as I had not practiced meditation at that level.

On the third day of YTT, we did our usual asana practice and I was surprised to find myself tearing up during Savasana. I usually have my emotions in check but that day I just felt such a release (also sorrow) while pretending to be a corpse that it was rather difficult to maintain rhythmic breathing. The tears were flowing down the sides of my face and I was worried about making the others feel awkward, but I wiped them away in time before anyone saw (phew!). It was just a curious sensation for me to feel such an emotional release. Usually when I am stressed out or have pent up frustration, I would go to the gym and just bust myself out physically, and I would feel better after that. But it was never up to a point when I would feel like crying.

I would not find out what this was all about until the theory lesson on Chakras, when teacher Nicole said that this phenomena is the Anahata or heart chakra trying to find balance. I knew I was recovering from a grieving period but to hear it being explained from a yoga perspective was so refreshing.

After some contemplation, I have realized that asana practice is also meditation and the body and spirit finding balance. I would like to share this with my future students as well, if given the opportunity.

With love,
Afiza (200hr Hatha Vinyasa YTT Course, 28.09.2015 to 30.09.2015)