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On my yogi journey: Ash (final)

wow it's been 5 weeks. 
Tried to plan out my posts according to schedule & left this last one so I could reflect on my last class

So today was my finale community class & it was a bittersweet ending 
But I know for sure that this won't be the last time I am teaching 
Entered this YTT knowing I was severely unexperienced (and boy I was right), 
but everyday has been a learning experience 
& I'm glad I decided to meet my fears head on 
& take this leap of faith 
Looking to where it's brought me now, I am very humbled & thankful for this journey 
- these memories will be kept close to my heart. 

This might be the end of my YTT but it is definitely the beginning of other great things to come. 

When you start to feel 
like things shoulder have 
been better this year
remember the mountains & valleys 
that got you here 
They are not accidents 
and those moments weren't in vain 
You are not the same 
You have grown & you are growing 
You are breathing, you are living 
You are wrapped in 
and things will get better 
there is more to you than yesterday. 

Thanks to: 
- my classmates, who have been nothing short of lovely, always helping each other out 
& it's really in the smallest of actions that I see genuine care & concern we have for this family :)
- Jess, for always believing in me, in us & patiently guiding every single day, you were tired & drained 
but I saw how hard u pushed yourself to teach us & impart your knowledge 
& that's more I can ever ask for :') 
- Alexis, you've been the silent supporter from the start, fixing technical stuff for us, 
taking amazing pics & for that I'm extremely grateful :) 

And so, my final signing off, 
With love,