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On my yogi journey: Ash (part 2)

Hi I’m back!

So time has past so immensely fast I now find myself at the end of week 3?
And next week onwards, teaching starts! Wow wee indeed, time passes quickly when you are having a good time hehe.

When I first signed up for this course (gonna be honest here), teaching was not my top priority – I simply wanted to have more awareness about my body & learn new knowledge to help my patients in the future. However, with each passing day, I saw the changes in myself and in my fellow classmates. This sparked in me an interest to share my newfound knowledge with others & hope that it will help them as it did for me. 🙂

And with this, I strive everyday to learn, to be a better teacher for my future students and praying that I may touch their lives in one way or another – if not through yoga, then through my spirit and love that can only stem from God alone

So here I am again, humbled & thankful to be given this chance to learn – learning is such an amazing experience I never want to lose.

Just a quote that spoke to me this week on one of days when I was not feeling my best (& i hope it speaks to you too)

If there are days where you feel
your body is too tired
to fill the room with laughter
and good stories
in the way
your heart wants to,
it is ok
to not be
all you feel
you have to be
for everyone,
and to focus on breathing
& being,
knowing that even when you are quieter
and your smile comes a little slower
you are not any less significant.
You are a traveler on a journey
who is simply in need of rest
in the arms of the kind of peace
where she is free
to just be.

& so I conclude this post,
God bless
& with lots of love
♡ Ash