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On my yogi journey: Ash (part 3)

helloooo I am back :) 

And so, I find myself at the start of YTT week 4! 

Today the Chinese students came in and I overheard them trying to memorise sanskrit 
& it brought back memories to when we first started. 
It is indeed heartwarming to know how far we've come 
and also surreal that we are now creating our own sequences & getting ready to teach our 1 hour classes. 

I am a flurry of excitement, nervousness & just disbelief at where I am now. 
Like I've said before, I am thankful to be learning 
- it is always such an experience to enrich & equip yourself with knowledge. 

And so, on this note: 
from yet again, one of my fav writers 

May you never forget how far you've come, 
for you have traveled many miles to get to this place. 
May you never forget the starless nights that shaped you 
and the morning skies that gave you the hope & strength to carry on. 
For after all the years you have made it through, 
over & over, 
Light has found way to you. 
And even though you still have a long way to go, 
all the miles you have traveled 
matter more than you know